Posting for the sake of posting, is it necessary?

I spoke with a friend earlier about the business they work for, in sales, who put pressure on their employees to post videos on social media with the view to attract more views, traffic to their pages and ultimately clients.

What I have noticed now since having this conversation and watching a number of videos that appear in my feed is that many people are just talking, without any preparation or thought.

You do not get a sense of sincerity from these types of posts, where individuals are just waffling to meet their companies KPI, without any real core value of information being provided.

Of course, not every video will be appealing or attractive to everyone – the point I am making is you can clearly see when a video is being put up “for the sake of it”, individuals look uncomfortable, repeat their points, lots of “um’s” and “er’s”.

If you want to attract more views, following and clients, my advice would be to plan a little, research more, and have a core message so that you can add value to the viewing audience.

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