Ideas for mums with babies to stay active!

Through speaking lots of mums a reoccurring message has been they feel housebound and struggling to find time to exercise to feel good about themselves. I’m sure the list could go on!

Ideas that get me through the day and feelings positive!

Go to the park!

I didn’t even think about bringing my little one to the park until my husband suggested it the other day. My daughter loves the swing!!! She is so relaxed in it and was in the swing for ages. I now go every day to get out the house, get some fresh air and she loves it.

Lots of walks!

If not having time for fitness is a concern, or you have still got your pregnancy weight to lose, walking is one of the best things you could do!

I walk every morning and every afternoon during my daughters nap times with the buggy. She naps, I exercise – Win Win.. what’s your excuse now 🙂

Longer midday nap!

This may not work for everyone, but most advisers on baby sleep training is to nap your baby for a longer midday nap.. ideally two hours.

I have started his recently and it gives my time to tidy up, do a bit of work, bath, maybe even nap myself! And my daughter is so much happier in the afternoons after a long nap.

It takes a while and I have to still settle her half way through the two hour nap to get her back to sleep but I’m already seeing the difference!

I hope even these three little tips can encourage you to do things for yourself and your little one. Being stuck in the house all the time isn’t fun for anyone, especially not your mental state too.. so make the effort to get out more – I am sure you little one would love it!

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