Why getting married abroad was the best decision we ever made!

Getting married is such a huge deal, but I feel sometimes people forget the difference between a wedding and marriage. Just because you plan and have the biggest wedding, this doesn’t reflect at all on your marriage. What I mean by this is, I see a lot of (mainly wives) stressed about the pressure of having the perfect wedding, rather than focusing on the beautiful and positive marriage they are about to enter!

My husband and I are quite relaxed people, and were not the kind of couple to go through 12 months of planning and stress. Partly because we just didn’t have the time as he was playing for a team nearly 3 hours away at the time, and partly because we just couldn’t be bothered with the stress! We knew we wanted to be married, but a big wedding never appealed to us.

We were in Jamaica in 2016, and saw another couple get married on the beach with a handful of people in attendance. We literally turned to each other at the same time and said.. “shall we do that?” and that we did! 12 months later we returned to the same hotel and got married on the beach!

The planning process was straightforward, the hotel has a dedicated wedding planner who sent brochures through by email to look at and pick what we liked – as simple as that!

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