I travel so my life is better than yours.. or is it..

Do you have individuals in your network who took a gap year and went travelling? I think most of us do.

Do you find that whenever you discuss pretty much anything (if you aren’t a traveller), they always have to find a reason to mention they travel. “When I was in Bali..” “when I was in Cambodia..” etc etc and almost talk down to you as if their experience is superior.

I appreciate experiencing other cultures, countries and lives are important for us as humans to not stay one dimensional. However, it doesn’t mean that because someone chooses not to take a year out to experience “island life” they cant be happy or fulfilled.

Most of us want to experience the world of course, but not all of us want to experience it on a budget, living in hostels and working to get by. Which I’m sure is a great experience for those who WANT to do it.

A very close friend of mine travels (and she is not one of the people described above).. and we both agreed that if we switched lives for a week, we would both dislike each others lives. She lives on a beach on her current travels (I dislike sand), in a small flat share with 4 other people (I want my own space), and swims in the ocean every day (I hate getting my hair wet in the ocean), and is extremely sociable every day pretty much (sounds horrible to me to socialise all day every day).

My point is, we all have different experiences and levels of happiness, don’t assume just because you are fulfilled and happy that someone else can’t be because they aren’t living the life you are!

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