10 Reasons why I love breastfeeding!

You have heard the horror stories, and yes they are true I will not deny that. It is EXTREMELY painful at the beginning, you can’t move or do anything, the baby is latched to you continuously, your nipples crack bleed and scab (nice!) and you feel like all of your energy is being sucked out of you. I am not really selling it am I? In fact I cried at the thought of the pain on more than one occasion.

The good news is – this part is only temporary. Once you get through the first 14 days, the scabbing and bleeding should stop.. however it will still hurt A LOT when baby latches, but after another couple of weeks this pain then goes. And this is why it is worth soldiering through it!

  1. Your breastmilk contains antibodies tailored to your babies needs. Helping reduce allergies and other potential risks.
  2. The nutrients your breastmilk contains cannot be purchased from formula milk like for like. It’s a beautiful thing that your body can produce all the nutrients your baby needs tailored specifically for your baby.
  3. Apparently there is a link between academic performance and breastfeeding. I was bottle fed, and so was many of my friends who excelled academically so not sure about this one, but its nice to believe I guess!
  4. Convenience – There isn’t the preparation of packing food before you leave – it will always be there, and can be drunk straight from you without the need to heat up or cool down.
  5. Night feeds! If you are a co-sleeper like I am, being able to feed laying down with your baby laying down next to you is amazing, you can feed your baby before they are in disrupted, and 9 times out of 10 they will fall straight back to sleep.
  6. Apparently there is a link between breastfeeding and a reduction in breast cancer, ovarian cancer and weak bones – again great to know if it is true!
  7. Cost – IT’S FREE! (I do not need to elaborate on this one 🙂 )
  8. Weight lost – there is extensive research on this, producing milk burns calories!
  9. The bond! I am not making a claim that those who breastfed have a better bond with their child than those who bottle. However, for me personally, when I started introducing bottles for expressed milk, it didn’t feel the same as the skin to skin, warm, cuddling feeling when you breastfeed. It is a beautiful feeling.
  10. Environment – there is no pollution or waste associated with it!

As my little one approaches 6 months, and we have introduced porridge and some other bits to try – I am starting to feel really sad about breastfeeding her less :-(. For anyone who is struggling in the first month of breastfeeding – stay strong! It is worth it in the end!

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