Salespeople! Why do I analyse everything they do? Tips to improve your sales techniques!

Today my husband and I went to replace our second car as it wasn’t very practical now having a little one. My first experience with the company was a lady on the phone, I had seen the car and wanted to view it, but she was already being pushy which was unnecessary as I was already interested.

Perhaps having worked in sales myself and having received extensive training in it, is why I am more critical as a buyer.

TIP #1: Read the situation before acting. If you already see buying signs, don’t go in with a hard sales pitch. Arrange a meeting to discuss further.

I then receive an even more pushy email to confirm our meeting, again not needed at this stage.

TIP #2: When constructing an email to a potential buyer, avoid long winded essays with your pitch in it verbatim, the same pitch you gave on the phone word for word. This shows a more automated sale than a natural one.

I then called the following day to let them know I would be late and although very polite, again extremely automated.

TIP #3: Try not to sound like a robot on the phone. The buyer wants to feel like they are talking to a human not an automated message.

When we got there, I cannot complain again they were very welcoming and polite. They even offered for me to go in a side room with my daughter while my husband was going for a test drive as they could see I was rocking her to nap.

When they got back from the test drive, we went into a room with a presentation screen where the salesperson proceeded to conduct a presentation. Again unnecessary and we weren’t asked if we had time for that.

TIP #4: Inform the buyer of the likely duration of the meeting and what the meeting will entail. No surprise presentations, especially when we had a little one with us!

However the part that topped it all off for me is when the salesperson was giving a presentation I asked three questions. Two on prices of their add ons and another on general information. She didn’t know the answer to any of the questions!! She responded nervously with “umm” “err” “I’ll find out for you”

TIP #5: Don’t attempt to up sell if you don’t know the price or information!!!!! You are selling a product, you should know everything about the product. It is worth noting she wasn’t brand new to the role and had been with the company for a few years.

Whilst at Uni I worked in WHSmith selling E-Readers in addition to operating tills and I received £5 bonus a sale. I then worked in recruitment after Uni and received £25,000 in commission each year. In both roles I knew my product and information inside out and took both just as seriously.

It doesn’t matter what the product is or the value of the product, you should know what you are selling with a passion and every detail about it.

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