I am a true believer of the vibes you put out there you will attract..

Negative people always have negative things keep happening to them – I am not saying there is a direct exact correlation.. but there definitely is a link!!

I had to remove all the constantly negative people from my life, and I feel a lot more relaxed, positive and a calmer person – their negative energies can suck the positivity out of a room.

Especially now I am a parent, my husband and I are relaxed and calm people, and we have a very chilled baby.. it could just be luck but I believe we play a huge part in it.

I guess what I’m trying to get at here is.. focus on the good not the bad in every day. Reflect on the good before you go to sleep and be thankful for it, and you’ll wake up the next day not feeling negative about anything bad that happened the day before.

It’s all about the mindset!!!!

Plus how could I not be positive waking up to this every day..

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