Don’t be surprised by the lack of initial support from your online network when starting a business!

I have recently been asked a question by a friend who has launched a new business and is in the process of using social media to reach potential customers:

“Did you find a lack of support from your online network when starting your business?”

This made me reflect and think about both my husbands and my online network in comparison to the likes and shares we receive on our posts, and the answer is yes – there was a lack of support, but we were not surprised at this and it surely did not reflect on our business or the service we provide.

Many people would rather share or like a post by a millionaire, famous or already established personalities online than a relatively new start up who is trying to spread the word of their business.

Don’t be disheartened by this, that is one of the harsh realities of today’s “online” society. Many have to alter their posts, their message or change who they are for additional likes and shares – stay true to yourself and you will be successful regardless.

Believe in your idea and your ability to achieve your goals – with or without the boost and support of your wider network you will get there and inevitably your network may adapt to reflect those who support your vision and business!

On the other side, an important message here is, if you see a post by a new business, a simple like or share could widen their reach to connections they may not have had access to through yours. Don’t underestimate how powerful that can be!

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